Changing the IT world: Computerware Pvt Ltd (India)

This is the ABOUT US page of ComputerWare:

Computer Ware is promoted by Anil K. Mangla  and Alok Kumar Jain. It entered the Computer World in 1987- a time when the Indian IT industry was in its nascent stages. Anil started his career with a campus (BITS- Pilani Engineering College) recruitment by Wipro, when the company was itself entering the Information technology business. In the 6 years that Anil was there, he forged strong bonds with his colleagues, most of whom today lead various IT companies/departments in India. 

Finding his niche in consulting and marketing of technology products, Anil, with his partner, launched Computer Ware ( India) Pvt. Ltd. in 1986. Being an integral part of the growth of the IT industry in the country, Anil naturally networks with IT Indian industry very well.

Computer Ware employs a team of 50+ dedicated IT professionals, striving to enhance the customer comfort zone for any IT Needs. Last year Computer Ware did a business worth Rs. 70 Million.

Computer Ware (India) Pvt. Ltd.  takes pride in offering reliable and cost-effective IT solutions and IT infrastructure support geared to meet customer needs and optimise business efficiency.We prefer to work with few customers, focussing on building long term relationships with them. Our customers rely on us to fulfil all of their IT needs, especially IT Infrastructure deployment and its management.


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