The buzz around celebs and social media

Celebrities are using social media sites to promote social causes, stay connected with fans and share updates. Few years ago, social media did not even exist and today we cannot imagine ourselves to not even visit the page once. Usually, social networking means staying connected to your family, friends and companies.  Now, social media is much more than a website where kids log-in to communicate with their friends. Big businesses and independent business owners utilise social media marketing plan in their day-to-day lives.  One will not be surprised to find that even celebs are getting hooked to the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Gone are the days, when you find only few celebs on social networking sites. The trend has now completely changed.  These days, celebs are taking full advantage of social networking sites. You will find them on Google+ or Facebook and also some blogging on the micro-blog site Tumblr. It is surely becoming a big business.  The celebs use social media websites so that they can stay connected with their fans by replying on Twitter or Facebook. Believe it or not, every morning these celebs wake up and check their Facebook and Twitter accounts  instead of reading a newspaper.

Why celebs use social media?

Celebrities use social media to interact with their fans, or share updates, photographs and videos with them.  The celebrities also promote their latest campaign, music or movie release. Besides, they also also promote social causes that they support. If you begin to investigate on which celebrities use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and then you will come across some big names likes Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher and others like Kate Perry.

Lady Gaga has 45,633,442 Facebook fans and 16,862,231 Twitter followers. She is amongst the most popular celebrities on social media. There are celebrities from all walks of life using social media and how they use it is different from how other common people use it. There are some examples of celebrities using social media to promote social causes to their audience.

One such example is that of Lady Gaga who has established a partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation to spread awareness about the homeless in New York and donate $1 million through a crowd-sourced charity contest. Justin Beiber has partnered with Pencils of Promise to launch Schools4 All to provide education to millions of children around the world.

The celebrities also use social media to promote movies and music. The movies have an official website, official Facebook page, Twitter handle and a hashtag to promote the film.  Ra.One , the Indian film was promoted on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Social media has also opened up new opportunities for music lovers and music bands. If you take a look at the top celebrity list in social media you will see the top positions are ruled by singers.

Drawbacks of social media

Social networking can be addictive:  As many people spend more time on social networking sites it can get addictive. They may loose focus on the tasks which are a priority to be completed on time.

Some users simply share too much information: Some users simply share too much information. These people can lose their jobs or companions on a social network.

Potential for failure in personal and business areas:  There is a likelihood of failure of security in both personal and business context. Other social networking websites apply certain measures to keep cases of harassment, online-scams, cyber-stalking and identity theft to an absolute minimum.

Thus, social media websites have rapidly become important tools for celebrities. Twitter and Facebook are now controlling platforms for A-listers to update fans on their personal lives. Though some celebs have already realized the importance of social media, others will surely follow soon.

( By ARTIKA SHAH :businessreviewindia )


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