You’re just 5% away from the success you want. Here it is!

My mentor, the late great Jim Rohn, used to say:

‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.’

The 5% that matters

Most business owners will do 95% of what’s needed, in order to achieve the results they REALLY want. They work hard. They work long hours. They make sacrifices for their business. The challenge, is that the missing 5% is the magic that turns a living into a fortune. It’s the 5% that means we get to build a wall of financial security around us and those we love, which nothing can breach. It’s a very important 5% indeed.

Now, it may not always be 5%, it may be a little higher or lower. That 5% represents the small number of things, which we know we need to do in order to blow the lid off our potential. Thankfully, as my mentor taught me, the 5% bridge, between where we are today and where we want to be, can be spanned with discipline.

The magic of discipline

  • The discipline to spend less time watching TV and more time feeding our brain with rich, mental protein.
  • The discipline to embrace our uniqueness rather than play it safe and look like our competitors.
  • The discipline to lead rather than follow.
  • The discipline to focus on what we want, rather than what we fear.
  • The discipline to listen to what our business results are telling us and invest in the help we need.
  • The discipline to give ourselves permission, rather than wait for someone to pick us from the crowd.
  • The discipline to do work that matters, rather than work that pays.
  • The discipline to accept responsibility for our business and stop blaming the economy, the weather, the competition etc, for our lack of progress.
  • The discipline to stop accepting less than we deserve.

A great place for us to start, is with the discipline to do all the work. Not just the 95% that every business owner does.

( By Jim Connolly )


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