Work Theory for Money

Work and Money


Work Theory for Money

I have keen interest in Money since my infancy that how it works (I don’t know what they think), what is CASH-FLOW for common-man, but most important to know is: How to Earn Money or how to expend it with the knowledge of NUMBERS. I always hate maths and their equations but I like NUMBERS just because of its versatility for Life’s each and every part. Without numbers we can’t even stand anywhere as we have to count our INPUTS to get the outputs, for optimum solution we should keep on track for INPUTS. We all know about this fact that our Inputs decide our Outputs to outcomes for our desire.

No matter what is the process to get your Output, what kind of difficulties you face, what is your current RATIO for results but you have to make a proper attention on INPUTS. For example- HARD WORK Vs. SMART WORK, everyone knows Smart Work is in trends but it doesn’t mean HARD WORK has been expired. The common word in both is- WORK!  If we don’t know about smart work or hard work and want to be succeed, want to score our Dreams: I am a bit sure about my solution, i.e. “Don’t waste your time to think about SMART or HARD just focus on WORK” but remember this quote is for a certain period. Once, you are capable to identify or differentiate between both kinds of work, choose your own smart work with the smart way.

We can make a BALANCE (Indeed, Get our Desire Results) with the help of INPUT-OUTPUT theory to get in real whatever we think in our Imaginary World

P.S. Making Money Creating Wealth was never so difficult but a game for IP/OP and NUMBERS.


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