What they Think!

Life Mantra

They will feel bad, I can’t do this anyways, please” is a phobia to achieve success. Success is just a dream for those folks who are working for others. Let me complete my last sentence:   Why we care about society that what they will think if I do that or this. When it comes to Failure everyone will blame on you. They will start to shout that you were onus for mistakes: Blah, Blah, and Blah!

The problem is not these people but you…yes, Only YOU! Why you had choose THEM to decide on each and every aspects of your life. Isn’t? Why you often think about them for every step you are going to take? I’m sure you are getting my mind.

Few steps for your OWN life:

  1. Remove your all kind of fear for society and people. (As they are just a part of same game which you’re logged in already).
  2. Keep in Mind: “Who Cares!”
  3. Today you’re going to die. Yes, Today is your last day of your life. Live as much as you can. :-/
  4. Always make a Note on your desk: As you waste your breath complaining about life, someone out there is breathing their last. Appreciate what you have  (~Unknown ).
  5. Money is just a SCORE of your success game, make higher than your last one. Crack your own record every moment is not enough? I guess, “Enough!” So, Take it easy and play safe.
  6. If you are not happy with your present situations, create a VHB i.e. Virtual Happiness Board where you can open your Bank account with huge amount as much as you can. You can imagine your own BMW or Audi E-Series. Also, you can buy private jets. Hurrah!! Ahem! Set an expiry date for this board when you will convert this VHB into REAL HAPPINESS LIFE. (Now, why should I call it a board…hehehe). You have to make this…Because YOU CAN!
  7. Nothing is important except you and your dreams (I know you guys can kill me or call me a selfish…but indeed, you too want same from your inner world).
  8. Talk to Yourself! You are best friend of you. Only you know what is secret for others about you. Please give time to you.
  9. You are the best Guru (Leader) of you.  Write your own name a paper and fix it on your own PIN BOARD, Call your own name every day at least for once a day.

I’m not a life coach or a writer but I have a bit experience since my golden past. I have got a chance to meet so many people across the Globe: as a person or in Social Network, and learned to live a better life.

All the very best to all readers!




Your Virtual Happiness Board:


Virtual Happiness Board


    • Thanks a lot!! 🙂 for everything…!
      Very Good Night Forsley! Please take Care!


      ~Rishabh 🙂

  2. Terrific post Rishabh! I loved the concept of Virtual Happiness Board. That is a very powerful concept and it really works.
    Awesome post and I am sure you have some good company that keeps you pumped up to be this enthusiastic! Way to Go! Keep charging!

    • Thank you Sir! 🙂 for your all WORDS for my post!
      I’m feeling HIGH for your motivation and response!
      I’ll..Promise! 🙂

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