1. shawnej said:

    Nice Post! I believe in the law of attraction also. I never wrote my first book or created my blog site until I believed I would. I wrote it all on my vision board and it happened. I have now published several books. I wrote I would start my own business and now I have completed my business plan. I am excited about this because I can feel my business manifesting in my life. None of this happened until I believed it and started thinking and meditating. I also speak postive affirmations daily over my life. I also believe the law of attraction brought me to your blog. Have a great day and keep blogging. GOD Bless you and I pray that you accomplish everything that you were created to do on this earth.

  2. iRishabh said:

    Thank you Shawnej for your best wishes! I really appreciate you and your positive dreamz, thoughts and think. Its good to know about your books, business and future plans. you’re really doing great things everyday. You have HIGH and POSITIVE think thats why whole universe is with you..working for you! You know I’m book lover, surely buy your book in couple of months!

    My Best wishes for all things you’re doing and will do.

    God Bless you too!!

  3. Rishabh,

    Thoughts become things. Law of attraction works whether or not we agree or believe in it. Like Bob Proctor said,”If you don’t understand Law Of Attraction, it doesn’t mean you should reject it. You don’t understand electricity, probably. First of all, no one even knows what electricity is. And yet, you enjoy the benefits of it. Do you know how it works? I don’t know how it works. But I do know this. That you can cook a man’s dinner with electricity and you can also cook the man.”

    A solid article in your style. Enjoyed your post and it’s a pleasure to see your posts coming in.

    Great job and Good luck!


  4. I agree with your thoughts Mr. Kumar and that’s true we believe or not but Law of Attraction is always with us. Thank you Sir for your kind words and stopping by.

    I’m very glad to hear your praise words. God Bless 🙂

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