How to hack SEO for your website?


This is the secret story of  SEO and thousands hidden myth behind its business. January end, when my mentor (Mr. Kumar Gauraw) needed an SEO guy for his blog . I had introduce; on the behalf of our company iNFOTYKE; Mr. Camel (Changed Name) as an SEO Expert (As per his own view) on 200$ Per month. He agreed to work with us for 3 months minimum commitment.

We have provided him all the basic credentials like Google Analytics, Webmaster tool etc. so that he could sent us the current site status as per SEO and Ranking. It has been one and half week passed and there was no response from our so called SEO expert but still he is saying that he will send us DETAILS/REPORTS.

Before playing with 200$ per month- We had decided to fire him and we did it. If you’re still wondering that just because of delay in report for SEO, we had fired- so my answer is a big NO. The reason, why we fired him:

  • Communication: There was no mail reply even after more than 24 hours.
  • As per his view on SEO, its all backlinks which is responsible for Site Ranking. :-/
  • Denied to talk on phone- only email (but never recieved a reply even 😛 )
  • He was more focusing on money rather than value and relationships. (I do agree that without money who will work- but you have show at least your background and portfolio to make sure that you’re deserving advance money)

So, the story behind SEO guy enforced me to research on the magic and myth of search engine optimization so that people should be aware of SEO and its basic stuffs. Here is the quick token (SEO Magic List) to most useful tools on the Internet for Search Engine Optimization or SEO 🙂 😉

SEO Research Tools

SEO Tools

  • SEO Browser:
    See your website as the search engines see it.
  • Lynx Viewer:
    Snapshot of what the search engine sees when it spiders your pages.
  • Spider Simulator:
    Simulate how a search engine spider moves through your site.
  • Spider Viewer: See what search engines see when they crawl your site.
  • MonitorThis: This tool allows you to subscribe to 20 different search engine feeds at the same time.
  • Site Explorer: See which pages are indexed and who links to them.
  • MindSet:
    Tweak your search results to be more or less commercial… in real time.
  • Detecting Online Commercial Intention: How commercial is your query or web page. Find out here.
  • SiteMaps: Submit your pages to Google, free. Also provides reports on keywords which delivered traffic and other stats.

Webmaster Tools

  • W3C HTML Validator: Validate your HTML to professional and search engine preferred standards.
  • W3C CSS Validator: Validate your CSS to professional and search engine preferred standards.
  • robots.txt generator: Generate a usable robots.txt file for your site.
  • Color Blender: Online tool for color palette design and matching, thousands of color blends created by the user.
  • Colorblind Web Page Filter: This tools helps select colors that will be easiest for people who are colorblind to see.

Link Tools

Analytics and Statistic Tools

  • Web Page Analyzer:
    Analyzes your website, providing stats on keyword usage, and estimated download times.
  • Alexa Traffic Rating: Provides a rating on how your popular your site is compared to the rest of the web.
  • Robots.txt Generator: Generates a Robots.txt file for your site.
  • Webpages as Graphs: Visually see how your website links work.
  • TouchGraph Google Browser: A free java application that shows connections between related websites.
  • Domain Age Tool: Use this tool to see the approximate age of a website and what it looked like when it first started.
  • Robot.txt Builder: Generate a free robot.txt file for your site.
  • DomainTools: A good site overall with plenty of tools to help a webmaster.
  • HTACCESS File Generator: Free generator that will make a .htaccess file for you website.
  • Create a .htaccess file: Another free .htaccess generator.

Keyword Research Tools

Copywriting Tools

  • Copyscape: Allows you to see if your web content is being utilized anywhere else on the internet. Great tool to see if your copywritten material has been stolen.
  • Juicy Studio Readability Test: Checks the readability of the content on your site.
  • Textalyser: Gives detailed statistics of your text.
  • Text Content Analysis Tool: gives you statistics about a text including unique words; lexical density; and the Gunning Fog readability index

Yahoo Research Tools

  • Keyword
    Allows you to retrieve Overture search volume for up to 50 keywords at one time.

MSN Research Tools

Google Tools

  • AdWords Keyword Tool:
    Generate potential keywords for your SEO/M campaign,provided.
  • AdWords Traffic Estimator:
    Estimates Google search and click-thru traffic for any keyword.
  • Ontology Finder:
    Type in a word and find other words treated as similar words by Google.
  • Suggest:
    Start typing a search and let Google complete the phrase for you.
  • Trends:
    Lets you see and compare search trends for seasonal (or any, really) search phrase.

Friends, hope the story of seo guy and the magic seo list will help you to boost your ranking in search engines. 🙂


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